RFID Guard Tour System

•Military component
•Silicon tank, metal body with rubber shell outside, super durable
•IP67 standard
•POGO pin connecting cable, high download speed
•Non-contact reading of RFID tag
•Completely water proof and guard proof
•Sabotage absorbent, resistant to electrical shock
•Super storage capacity 4Mb Flash, 60000 records
•Power off protection
•REG colorful LED display
•Reading distance ≤ 5 cm
•Real time internal clock

Dimensions : 144mm x 47mm x 30mm
Working Frequency : 125 KHz
Memory : 4Mb Flash ROM
Storage Capacity : 60000 pieces of records
Battery : 3.7 V rechargeable battery, 800m Ah;
Signal Card Detection : Auto induction card-reading
Card Reading Distance : 3cm — -5cm
Communication : POGO pin connecting cable 57600 BPS, 4000 records per minute
Weight : 227g


RFID tags are constructed to withstand intentional sabotages, which can be read from long distances(0-12cm) and operated in wide temperature ranges. They are also completely waterproof, and can be sealed inside non-metalic material walls; Button, circle, keyring, nail and cylinder-shaped cards used as guard tour checkpoints. These can be installed either on or beneath wall surfaces; Key chain-attachable type personnel / incident card used to identify patrol personnel or events and incidents. Its working frequency is 125KHz.


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