Intercom   Flexible Numbering
  Call transfer   Automatic Rout Selection
  Call Pick-up   Day/Night Mode
  Confrence 3-Party   Flexible Ring Assignment
  Global Memory(100)   SMDR RS232
  Redial   Auto External Music Swithcer
  Access to Trunk Line   External Music
  Direct Access   Hybrid Port
  Walk-in Class of Service   Paging Port
  Dynamic Lock   Real Time Clock
  Call Restriction   Battery Backup
  Auto Call Disconnector   Expansion
  Barge-in Level Based   CLID DTMF
  Alarm Normal/Time Slot   CLID FSK   Smart Switch Port   Auto Call Back   Key Phone Barge-In   Call Camp-on   Key Phone Page-In   Call Forward   Audio Monitoring   Call Forward on Busy   Voice Guidance(DISA)   Call Parking   Auto Attendant Two Level   Call Privacy   Fax Homing   Do Not Disturb   Follow Me   Hot Outward Dialing


Intercom Can Be Configured from 3 to 12 Telephone Lines & 8 to 48 Extensions
Possible configurations are
3X8, 3X16, 3X24, 3X32, 3X40, 3X48
6X16, 6X24, 6X32, 6X40, 6X48
9X32, 9X40, 9X48, 12X40 & 12X4

The Line cards are available for 3-CO & 8-Ext or 8-Ext only.
The first line card will have reconfigurable Eight Hybrid Ports.
System 3x8E can be expanded to 3×16 or 6×16
System 6×24 can be made available to any configuration permissible with available Line
card, provided till maximum capacity of CPU and CPS card of 6-CO and 24-Extensions
each, gets utilized fully. All possible Configuration with expandable models are shown above.
All systems have almost same features and same programming except very few.


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